As a full time real estate agent, I attend continuing training on a regular basis to stay informed of the latest trends and activities in the real estate market.  I have an particular interest with incorporating the latest technology tools in my marketing that include 360 3D Virtual Tours of my listings.  In addition, I get to work with a number of other professionals involved with real estate transactions and in so doing, I get first hand experience of their professionalism and dedication to serving clients.

Here are links to some of the many resources I use, connect with and recommend for clients to view:

  • Places In 3D – showcasing a sampling of 360 3D Virtual Tours.  These types of tours are available on all my listings noting that the property needs to tidy, clean and suitable for a virtual tour since the tour shows everything in sight.
  • Affiliated Professionals – a list of various professionals I work with on a regular basis where I know they are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful journey to closing on a property – noting that clients are free to use anyone they choose or are currently working with and trust.